Tomchess​-​Harmony Emanation Jubilee

by Tomchess



This is definitely one of the most beautifully ferocious free-improvised sessions i've ever recorded. Jeff Shurdut, Marcus Cummins and Jesse Wallace brought an unbelievably intense yet very detailed energy to the session which gave me a great freedom to go for the deepest, most wildly intuitive, beautiful and natural expressions of sound i could create. These guys are amazingly creative listeners and players and this session is one of my all time favorites. A very high-energy expression of unity through pure musical sound.

I'd like to dedicate the Harmony Emanation Jubilee to my wife Pamela, who grew up in Harmony, Pa and is certainly a beautiful Emanation from Harmony as well as being a jubilee of sorts to me. Now i know you strict religious types might be tempted to get all hot and righteous on me, so yes i do know what the Jubilee is in that context, both Christian and Jewish. However the Latin verb iubilo, "shout for joy," predates the Vulgate, and Mallory and Adams (2006) have proposed an alternative etymology of the Latin jubilo (meaning shout, as well as Middle Irish ilach (victory cry), New English yowl, Greek iuzo (shout), being derived from the Proto-Indo-European root yu- (shout for joy), effectively making the Hebrew term a mere borrowing from neighboring Indo-European languages. And if love doesn't come with a shout for joy as well as many other expressions i'll eat my tenor saxophone.

This is a digital download album only. Hard copies will be released at a later date.

This is a live studio recording, there are no overdubs. Recorded @ OutByTheTree Studios New York City, 2007. Mixed and mastered by Tomchess. Produced by Lolomel Productions for Wildbeautiful Music Inc.©2008.


released March 2, 2012

Tomchess-Tenor Sax, Western Flute, Flutes, Ney, Oud, Mbira, Tuned Paracho, Morsing, Livesampling/loops/fx.
Jeffrey Hayden Shurdut-Guitar, Flute.
Marcus Cummins-Soprano Sax.
Jesse Wallace-drums.



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Tomchess New York, New York

"...seriously: exquisite, introspective and exuberant, masterful and humble, funky & abstract, global and galactic ........... et f'n cetera."-CB

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